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About Us
We are a team of young hearted adventurers eager to guide you through unforgettable journeys. We have been in this business long enough to understand that a trip to your destination has to be much more than just being there. Our team of local representatives is eager and willing to show you much more than the must-sees, like taking you beyond the boundaries where ordinary tourists don't go. We ensure that we live the very local experience. We are a Canadian company and our adventures are made for North Americans.

Our Philosophy
An "Off The Map Adventure" is the journey of a lifetime; taking the back roads, we visit unique and remote corners of the world. Unlike an average tour, we don't beat about the bush when experiencing the local life. Our Adventures will bring you in close contact with the distinct local culture and people. This is the best part, where we sample delicious local cuisines, experience the unique arts, crafts, dances and the rhythms of fascinating local music. But thatís not all, as we travel sensibly we also leave prints of eco-friendly steps behind.

Our Mission
Our mission is to show you our destinations in a way that it becomes impossible for you to forget it. We do this by incorporating the best and most diverse travel experience. Such a great mix enables us to understand the local life from various socio-economic levels. Same goes with the variety of transport, accommodation and food to get the best of these experiences. So in a typical tour we may be riding a camel and taking a private hot air balloon ride. We may be travelling on a local train and staying at one of the finest local hotels. This is how we end up learning a whole lot more and at the same time we have had a great adventure and good relaxation.
Our Vision
We see our planet as a unique place where peace, love and harmony must prevail at all times. It is impossible to have a world like this without understanding its diverse habitat and its wonderful nature. Unfortunately, our world stays divided as we fail to understand its many people and cultures. At Off The Map Adventures it is our vision to change this forever. We Know that traveling to understand is a unique way to bridge this gap. Join us and share our vision with everyone. Let's respect others and let's get respect in return. Let's make this world a safe and peaceful place.
Why are we Off The Map?
Taking back roads and going off the beaten trail is our hallmark. In these remote areas we truly experience the local culture and its hospitality. Maps cannot measure friendliness, love and hospitality of local people. It also cannot tell how inspiring and beautiful the landscape is. Maps can take you there, but, to experience the beauty and share this love you have to get Off The Map and be there.
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