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Amazing Experience
My experience in the Sahara was something not many would experience, not even those who have travelled there before. It rained the very first night we arrived, which in a desert is an obvious oddity, even the locals said that it has been nearly a decade since the last rain. Despite the rain we arrived at our hotel/camp near the dunes of Marzooga. It was a site to behold, the emmense size of the dunes and the vibrant orange colour they radiated. We spent a day at our camp taking in the local culture before heading into the heart of the dunes. The Camel ride was fantastic (much more comfortable than a horse) and our caravan travelled up and down the dunes crossing the desert. It was quite an experience to be able to see nothing but sand in the distance and giant dunes laid out before your eyes. We stopped for lunch on one of the dunes, which we shared with our guide and took some photo opportunities. We also decided to give our rented snowboard a try on the inclines of the dunes. Between, me, Anas and my travelling companions we took our share of spills, but it is something that should be tried at least once as you may never get to sandboard let alone travel in the Sahara again. We camped in a nice valley between dunes for the night, made campfire and had an excellent meal. The night was a bit chilly, but if you are prepared for a little chill then you should have no problem. Our next day was a mixture of travelling and climbing dunes. We took some time to climb a very tall dune and sit along the top where we could see the desert stretch all the way to the Algerian boarder. It was amazing as well as tiring. I took the opportunity to try again the sandboard down this giant dune with varying success, but it was fun! Our next campsite was set up near a Nomad camp where we were able to share meals and experience the culture of the wandering people of the desert. It was a special time for me and I m sure my companions as we would have never known how these people live and never get to experience their lifestyle otherwise. They were very hospitable and took great care of us. Our way back as a long camel trek, but with our experienced guides it was a fitting end to our adventure in the desert. I would highly recommend this experience to everyone. It is like no other adventure in the world, the people, culture and the desert are something you cannot find anywhere else. I highly enjoyed it and would love to make it back there someday.

Posted By: Darryl Gebedeen   



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