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Angkor Wat wasn't the only secret concealed by the jungles of Cambodia. This place, sandwiched between two well-known destinations has maintained its own unique culture. Tourists and monks in saffron still walk throught he ancient temple grounds at Siem Reap, but for a more pensive stroll, try many of Cambodia's charming places, still barely touched by the outside world. If you are sipping sweet Khmer coffee in Phenom Penh, once known as the "Pearl of Asia", or if you prefer to eat fish caught by the skilled fishers of the ever-changing waters of Tonle Sap Lake, you will never lose your taste for the scenery and culture of Cambodia.

Tour Name Tour Style Days Special Offer Cost
Angkor Extension

3 US$ 499

Although Cambodia has way more to offer, but if you can only spare a few days, this trip is the perfect trip for capturing the most spectacular highlight of Cambodia. A visit to Siem Reap will give the opportunity to visit the various t



13 US$ 2999

In two weeks visit the best of Vietnam and Thailand. Start in Hoi An, Vietnam's most charming city, then off to the ancient capital of Hue that still resonates with the glories of Imperial Vietnam. Hanoi, Vietnam’s modern capital, an exotic


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