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The Land of the Nile, whose blue waters have witnessed the rise and fall of great civilizations. This is the land of antiquity and the home to the Pharaohs, who have left behind everlasting wonders, symbols of their grandeur. Egypt, is also home to the holy Mt. Sinai that overlooks the Biblical Sinai peninsula. Towards the East, it is locked by the Red Sea, which bustles with marine life and magical reefs. Towards the West, its borders are lost in the shifting sands of the Eastern Sahara. Egypt is no ordinary destination and it's much more than a peek into the past…… it is unmatched for its natural wonders and a great living people – the Egyptians.

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Tour Name Tour Style Days Special Offer Cost
Red Sea and Sinai Adventure

8 US$ 795

This is a short adventure packed with excitement for those who want to have a quick highlight of Egypt. After visiting Cairo and the Great Pyramids, we head on to the Sinai Peninsula. Our highlight in the Sinai Desert is the Mt. Sinai. We will cli


Grand Egyptian Adventure

14 US$ 1495

An adventure that shifts you back in time. Starting from Cairo, we visit the pyramids, then explore the city on our own. We head to the upper Nile Valley, and visit the fascinating temples, the ruins of Luxor and Aswan. We attempt an assortment of


Cleopatra Sail

15 US$ 2995

This is the way to discover Egypt - Not only do you see the most important sights, but also take the back roads to what no tourist sees. Sail on the Nile on your own private boat. Our boat is the one and only of its kind on the Nile. With our expe


Nile Adventure & Oasis Safari

16 US$ 1395

Adventure in Egypt? Is it possible? ...YES, this is a true Adventure: to explore Egypt and its fascinating natural beauty.
This is a unique action-packed adventure that starts off with major cities and then focuses on the most remote and unv


Nile Felucca

9 US$ 1195

Students and the young Adventurers love this trip as it takes us back in time. Starting from Cairo we visit the pyramids and then explore the city on our own. We head to the upper Nile Valley and visit the fascinating temples and ruins of Luxor an


Along The Nile - A Teachers Adventure

11 US$ 995

Attention Adventurers! Step into the pages of your history book and bring back lessons from your own personal experience! Join us in Egypt for an adventure you will never forget. Don’t just read about the Pharaohs, follow their footsteps thr


Student Adventure

12 US$
Get off the beaten track and travel like the Pharaohs Attention teachers, parents and students! Let’s step into the pages of history and bring back lessons from a personal experience! Join us in Egypt for an educational experience you will nev

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