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Kenya is a special place. East and West Tsavo National Park, Great Lakes, and Mount Kenya have lured human explorers with fertile land, challenging game, an agreeable climate and plenty of adventure. This is the birthplace of Hakuna Matata and of proverbs that name the beautiful kanga, still worn by Kenyans today. This is the land where anything can happen, like when the lioness of Samburu adopted her prey. Home to many cultures, where modern benga music has its roots in the syncopated rhythms of a Nyatiti lyre, where Masai still raise cattle and where tourists flock to witness the spectacular migration of the wildebeest. Kenya is better than your wildest dreams. 

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13 US$ 6597

Welcome home! For as long as humans have existed, we have lived here in this part of Africa. Look for your favourite animals at the Masai Mara, see free ranging elephants at Amboseli, a UN Biosphere reserve, get yourself a colourful Kanga to wear



7 US$ 3395

Welcome home! For as long as humans have existed, we have lived here in Kenya and this part of Africa. How fitting is it, then, that this nation's motto means "we pull together", for our pulling together has been our success. Look for your favouri


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