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The mighty river Indus was marked the final frontier of Alexander’s great empire. Little did he know, that this river has seen a great civilization flourish on its banks, three thousand years before he invaded from the Khyber Pass. The land, which is now Pakistan, was the centre of Buddhism, a seat for the Mughal emperors and home to the mystic Sufis. Up in the north, its mighty mountains clad with eternal snows, gave way to the southern branch of the once fabled Silk Road. Exploring Pakistan, its diverse peoples, festive cultures, towering mountains, deserts and lush plains is like exploring the secret of Asia..

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Mystic Pakistan and the Bassant Festival

15 US$ 2745

Without a doubt, this is once in a lifetime adventure. As we travel in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, we visit the indigenous boat people of the river Indus who live out of their boats and never step a foot on land. Pay tribute to the mysti


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