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Serengeti, Big 5, Kilimanjaro: Tanzania, I presume? Long before Stanley met Livingstone at Lake Tanganyika, this land was a well known meeting place for many creatures. This country is over 100 languages strong, yet one Swahili word for journey has become synonymous with Serengeti travel: Safari. Tanzania's colours are boldly captured in Tingatinga paintings, its shapes and contours in Makonde sculpture and its diverse rhythms in taarab or bonga flava music. From the coasts of Zanzibar to the N'gorongoro crater, Tanzania offers countless unforgettable experiences. 

Tour Name Tour Style Days Special Offer Cost
Tanzania Highlights

7 US$ 3495

Tanzania, where lions climb trees and a crater cradles cattle. From the Serengeti to the “City of Peace”, Tanzania is where you will find the biggest birds and the smallest antelopes, stunning scenery and practical people. This is East



13 US$ 6597

Welcome home! For as long as humans have existed, we have lived here in this part of Africa. Look for your favourite animals at the Masai Mara, see free ranging elephants at Amboseli, a UN Biosphere reserve, get yourself a colourful Kanga to wear


KILIMINJARO - Machame Route

11 US$ 2999

This is the ultimate adventure on the bucket list of millions of people around the globe. Only the ones, who are determined and ready to make their dreams come true, venture for this amazing lifetime experience. Not only you conquer the mountain b


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