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Support for Dekpor School Development Organization

Support for Children in Dekpor

Off the Map Adventures is very proud to support Dekpor School Development Organization (DSDO). This project was kick started by one of our adventurers who travelled with us to Egypt. Fueled by her desire to travel and support people in Africa, Linda Chow left her job with the Toronto District School Board and headed out to change thousands of lives. This project grew from supporting a small school in a tiny village in Eastern Ghana. The Charity that Linda started now helps in the construction and expansion of the school, its library and various other projects from teaching to supplying nutritious meals to its students.
Every year we offer a program to teachers to volunteer their time to teach in Dekpor, Ghana. Find out more about the details of this program by clicking here (http://www.offthemap.ca/destination.php?id=gh)
In the year 2013 – 14, DSDOwould like to achieve the following goals, and you can support is always welcome:
  • We want to maintain the 57 children who were on the food programme last year…in fact, we’d love to be able to increase that number. There are plenty of kids who are sent to school without any food for breakfast or lunch. It's REALLY difficult to learn when you're starving.
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It only costs $150 to feed a child a nutritious breakfast and lunch for a year.
  • We want to keep the 8 teachers we sponsored last year, because without them, the kindergarten class would have had 170 children in it. Instead there were two teachers who split the task. Obviously we still need MORE teachers.
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It costs $1200 to sponsor a teacher for a year.
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  • And if we do manage to bust our group goal? We are saving for a well. Dekpor residents walk up to 7 km just to get a bowl of filthy contaminated water to be used for cooking, cleaning, and drinking. They have no choice. We want to change that.
  We would like to take as much 10-15 Volunteers this in the next year.
  • We are inspired to work hard on this project of ours, every day, because we know that due to our effort we are making a difference. Please help us out! The children thank you; I thank you!
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To support our project :
You can do the following :
  • Support Dekpor School Development Organization by giving them a direct donation.Click here to donate
Fueled by gratitude.
DSDO and Off The Map Adventures
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