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Earthquake update - October 21, 2005
Our immediate response is to reach out and help people, especially those who are still in major crisis.
Our effort is to get them our support directly by cutting out the complicated government and non-government channels and eliminating administration costs. Therefore we can ensure that 100 per cent of our donations go directly to purchasing supplies like medicine, food and blankets for the victims of the earthquake.
Please help us to support the victims in this time of need.
What we are doing:
We have teamed up with our local guides to set up an advance camp in the Balakot region. The Balakot region is one of the worst struck areas in the Kaghan Valley. Our camp will be able to provide much-needed logistical support and supplies in the areas near Balakot where aid is scarce. Our team members will be taking supplies into areas that are only accessible by foot. They will be able to get help to people who would otherwise be missed by major aid agencies.
The affected area is in the heart of the Himalayan subtropical region. This region is also known as the gateway to the legendary Kaghan Valley.
Bookmark this page so you can read regular updates on our team’s progress.
Please send cash or cheques (make cheques payable to “Off the Map Adventures—Support”) 675 Queen St. South, Suite 217, Kitchener, ON, N2M 1A1
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The Heaven as it was:
These valleys make up one of the most beautiful regions in northern Pakistan. Below are some pictures (by Ghori) of this region before the earthquake.
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Ayubia Ayubia BatGram
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Lalazar (Naran, Kaghan) Murree Hills in Winter PC Bhurbun
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