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Nepal is a Federal Democratic Republic located in South Asia surrounded by the great Himalayan Range. On the North it is surrounded by the Tibet region of China, and on the south, east, and west by India. Nepal was disconnected from the rest of the world until the early 1950s. The overthrow of the dictatorial Rana dynasty was a milestone in Nepal’s emergence into the modern world. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. Nepal is a multi-cultural, multi-linguistic and multi religious country.

Geography: Top

The total area of Nepal is 56,827 sq mi. It has four topographical zones: the Great Himalayas, the Middle Himalayas, the Outer Himalayas, and the Tarāi. World’s eight of ten highest mountains are located in Nepal. There are Middle Himalayas, with several rivers running through them to the south of the Great Himalayas. To the south of the Middle Himalayas lies the Siwālik Range of the Outer Himalayas. The Middle Himalayas is well suited for agriculture. The Tarāi, is generally flat, fertile lowland. The Tarāi is inclined to flooding more making it major agricultural area where most of the population of the country lives.

Climate: Top
Nepal has a variety of climates due to variation in its altitude. The climate of Nepal is characterised by rainy summers in southern region mostly because of the monsoon winds which extend into the mountain valleys in the northern region. The rain-bearing monsoon winds effect the amount of precipitation in the Middle Himalayan valleys. To some extent precipitation is blocked by mountains, so it is dry in several high valleys. In Kathmandu Valley the average rainfall is about 2,300 mm which mostly occurs from June to September. Between the heights of about 500 and 2,700 m the climate is warm temperate and above 4,100 m it is severely cold.
People and Culture: Top

350.jpgNepal’s population consists of two groups of people-the Indo-Nepalese, who migrated into the country from south and Tibeto-Nepalese who came from north. Even though these groups have merged together, but still they follow their own culture, religion and language. The Indo-Nepalese group consists of people who are believers of Hinduism, and are distinct from the other group because their system of social hierarchy. While Tibeto-Nepalese group on the other hand, consists of many different ethnic groups. These people follow their own customs with the element of shamanist still in their all religious practices. The founder of Buddhism, Buddha was also born in Lumbinī, in Nepal. The official language of Nepal is Nepali which is derived from Sanskrit. Nepal’s society is predominantly rural. The favourite recreational activities of the Nepali include music and dance. Many temples and shrines in the Kathmandu Valley exhibit the skill and highly developed aesthetic sense of Nepali artists.


Tourist Visas: Top

Consulate of Nepal
1200 Bay Street
Suite 1203
Toronto, ON
M5R 2A5
Tel: (416) 975-9292 ext. 239
Fax: (416) 975-9292

Nepal Consulate

Royal Bank Plaza Toronto ON
PO Box 33 Toronto
Phone: +1-416-865-0200
Fax: +1-416-865-0904
Email: kusharma@toronto.bdo.ca

Honorary Consulate General
2 Sheppard Ave, E. Suite 1700.
Toronto, Ontario M2N 5Y7
Tel: 1-416-226 8722
Fax: 1-416-226 8878

Money: Top

Nepal’s monetary unit is the Nepalese rupee (73.67 Nepalese rupees equal U.S.$1; 2004 average).

Currency exchange:
Foreign currencies can be exchanged at nearly all banks. Banks may also have the best rates. Hotels can also exchange foreign currency but they might charge commission.  Shop keepers may also accept US dollars but smaller vendors may not. It is advisable to carry Thai Bhat in smaller denominations so that

Plastic & ATM
American Express, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted, while Diners Club may not be accepted everywhere. There is a good network of ATM machines nearly everywhere in the major cities, but may not be available in smaller towns and specially in the hilly areas.

Travellers cheques:
Are accepted by all banks, large hotels and shops. To avoid additional charges it is advised to take travellers cheques in US Dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling.1

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