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Just back from 2 weeks in Egypt July 10-24, 2009.

The trip’s superbly organized and engineered by Off The Map Adventures of Kitchener, Ontario.

Here’s the ‘tell-all... view full story>>

Posted By: Linda Lou   

Unforgettable Experience
I fulfilled a lifelong dream of going to visit the ruins of Ancient Egypt. The experience was unforgettable. The pyramids, temples, tombs, and museums... view full story>>

Posted By: Michael Rehberg   

Bazaars of Egypt
I ve wanted to travel to Egypt for years. This spring, my son agreed to join me on the two week adventure. Dodging Cairo traffic to cross the street w... view full story>>

Posted By: Martha Rehberg   

Amazing Experience
My experience in the Sahara was something not many would experience, not even those who have travelled there before. It rained the very first night we... view full story>>

Posted By: Darryl Gebedeen   

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