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Nepal Earthquake Relief
My Fellow Friends & Travellers,
A couple of weeks ago Nepal got hit by a massive earthquake, taking many lives and destroying homes and historical sites. Luckily our guides, drivers and various other support staff survived this ugly calamity. Unfortunately in the last week more tremors have shaken the country once again. This time it has brought major damage to many homes that got missed the first time. Unfortunately one of them belongs to our dear guide Deepak Sheresta. Many of you have travelled with Deepak and remember him fondly. Deepak's house got hit twice. It is no longer safe for Deepak and his family to live there anymore. His own home could probably sustain the damage but his neighbour's house is almost going to collapse on Deepak's house. An urgent fix is needed to sport to the main wall structure. I have been in touch with Deepak on a regular basis and he is keeping me informed. Deepak will need major help to get his house fixed. Here is an excerpt of what what Deepak just recently emailed me:
"We are not sure whether we can just fix it or rebuild it. Besides, the quake hasn't stopped yet. It might cost huge amount of money if i have to rebuild it. An estimate is 300,000 Rupees. However, you can send me as much as you feel like giving and helping me. That would be generous of you and every little helps. Deepak"
Deepak has also sent some pictures of the damage:
Many of you have asked us what to do and so far and we have been suggesting people to give to any reputable charity and relief organization. I am sure many of you already have helped generously.
At this time, Deepak and his family need our help. If we contribute even a little bit, we will be able to help fix his home. Yes one person, one family at a time. This way we know that we have helped someone who is genuinely in need.
300,000 Nepali Rupees are almost 3,500 Canadian Dollars.
I am calling for your support.
I have created a gofundme campaign online, please go to the following link and donate generously: http://www.gofundme.com/support-deepak
Thank you for your help and support.
Anas Rana
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