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Bazaars of Egypt
I wanted to travel to Egypt for years. My son agreed to join me on the two week adventure. Dodging Cairo traffic to cross the street was one of our first interesting experiences in Egypt.

Watching my son haggle over prices in the bazaars was also part of the fun. We gazed at the awesome pillars of Karnak, examined the carvings on the temples, read the graffiti left by Romans, Greeks (Alexander the Great) and French (Napoleon’s army) and viewed amazing Abu Simble.

Our sail on a private sailboat allowed us to see how Egyptians live today along the Nile, farming and fishing. I was very nervous on the camels we rode in Aswan, but felt more relaxed on the ‘user friendly’ camels by the pyramids of Giza. Off the Map Adventures organized our trip using very reliable and friendly guides.

Posted By: Martha Rehberg   



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