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First of all I got to ask every question that I wanted to ask, if I was in a group of eighty, I couldn't ask those. Once I found out that our guide can read the Hieroglyphs I dragged him around what does this say? and what does this mean?- that to me was wonderful.One of my best experiences was standing next to the pyramids where thousands of people have stood centuries ago. The experience of going inside the pyramid was mind blowing. Seeing other temples and the history of it made me realize how insignificant we are in the greater scheme of things. My second highlight was Mt. Sinai I am so glad that you convinced me to go there. The experience of climbing in the dark was exciting. I didnt really know if I could make it to the top but I set my goal to go as far as I can… Although I wouldnt call myself a highly religious person being there was a highly spiritual moment.. We had great fun as individual people, since I didnt really know anybody at all I was nervous but instead I have made great friends and these are people that I would like to stay in touch with. Overall it was excellent.

Posted By: Linda Bassil   



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