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Mystic Pakistan and the Bassant Festival:

Without a doubt, this is once in a lifetime adventure. As we travel in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, we visit the indigenous boat people of the river Indus who live out of their boats and never step a foot on land. Pay tribute to the mystic shrines where the whirling dervishes will take you into a trance. Exploring the Indus Valley and the remains of its ancient civilization, which flourished long before Egypt’s Nile civilization.

Board your camels for an exciting adventure through the Cholistan Desert and discover the colourful arts of the desert people. Then it’s on to Punjab, the Land of the Five Rivers, known for its hospitality and generous folks. We end this tour in Lahore, the former Mughal capital of India, and take part in one of the most unique festivals in the world – "The Bassant of Lahore"

Depart Canada
Arrive Karachi
Rest all morning. Late afternoon try Crabbing.
Karachi Sehwan
Visit the Sehwan bazaar and witness "Dhamal" the performance of the whirling Sufi Dervishes.
Sehwan - Manchar Lake - Mohenjodaro
Spend the morning with the famous Mohana Boat people who live their lives out of their boats. Our hoists family will take us around the lake. Its on to the fascinating remains of Mohenjodaro the most intact city of the Indus Valley Civilization.
Mohenjodaro - Sukkhar
A brief stop at Larkana and then on to Sukkhar. Tour the city.
Boat ride to see the Blind Dolphin of the River Indus. Afternoon visit the imposing fort of the Golden Sunset – Kot Diji.
Sukkhur - Uch
To Uch - where the dying glory of its exquisite tombs is still amazing to see. Visit the bazaar where people barter with interesting local crafts from the desert. Traditional Mughal style dinner and camp.
Uch - Ahmed Pur - Derawar
On to the Cholistan Desert and its impressive Derawar Fort. We also visit the legendary Street of Silence. Moghul Camp.
A full day camel safari takes you deep into the high desert. Lunch on the safari. Mughal style BBQ dinner on return to the campsite.
Derawar - Multan
Multan, the city of great Sufis: visit the shrines and the bustling Hussein Agahi Bazaar, the longest covered bazaar in the region. Watch an optional local puppet show. Dinner and overnight at hotel.
Multan - Lahore
Head to Lahore and get ready for the festive time of Bassant, the kite flying festival. Dinner with a local family.
Visit the city: Lahore Fort and its world heritage site. The Palace of Mirrors. See the grand Badshahi (royal) Mosque, the old bazaar, and an exquisite piece of architecture Wazir Khan’s mosque. Explore Lahore museum and its fine collection of arts from Buddhist, Indus and colonial periods. Visit a local family for Night Bassant. Hotel overnight.
Full day participation in the kite flying festival. Visit various families and fly kites. Special local dinner.
Lahore - Toronto
Transfer to airport for your early morning flight to Canada.
Mohenjodaro - the imposing city of the second oldest civilization
Boat safari on Indus
Meet with Mohana Boat People
Camel Safari in Cholistan desert
Participate in the Kite Flying Festival
Visit Local families
  • Cultural Interaction
  • Meet with Indiginous People
  • Try Exotic Food
  • Cultural Festival
  • Boating
  • Variety of transport
  • Camel Safari
  • Unique Local Experience

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