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Volunteer in Dekpor Village (Eastern Ghana):

Consider a vacation combining volunteering and tourism that will enrich your life as well as the lives of others. It's a mix of social action, education and cultural immersion. We are looking for volunteers to share their teaching expertise. For three weeks, you will work as a team with a host teacher, delivering lessons to the students of Dekpor Basic School, Monday to Friday, 8 AM until 2 PM. Later in the afternoons there will tours to local markets, trips to places of interest, drumming lessons, and cultural discussions. Early evenings, you will have a chance to interact with students on a more personal basis, so some individual tutoring or just walk around the village visiting local people. On weekends and during the last week of July, you will enjoy tours of other regions in Ghana.

Day 01
We will meet you outside the arrival hall of Katoka International Airport. After brief orientation, we will transfer you to your hostel in Accra for overnight.
Day 02
In the morning, change money, visit the Arts Centre and then drive to Dekpor (2 ½ -3 hours) where the school is only a 15 minute walk from your house. Stay at a local home for the duration of your stay in Dekpor. Your village home is somewhat primitive by western standards. There is no running water - i.e. you must bath from a bucket and the toilet is an outhouse. The rooms are screened so that no mosquito nets are required. Rooms will be for a maximum of 3 people. Food will be provided in the village - local food consists of minimal amount of protein and a large amount of starches served in dumpling form or rice. Local seasonal vegetables and fruits are served. Foods are often a bit spicy. Purified water will be provided. Electricity has recently been brought to the village, so there is a fan in each room. The house is set up as a series of bedrooms. Life in the village is outdoors for everything other than sleeping. This is a somewhat upgraded but typical village family home where you will be welcomed and treated as family. Dekpor Basic Schools houses Kindergarten 1 and 2 through Junior Secondary School Forms 1 – 3 – a total of 11 grades. Most classes are quite large by western standards – over 50 are common. Your teaching will concentrate on Class (grade) 4 through JHS 2 and will involve you working closely with a local teacher to deliver lessons to the students. Books and teaching ideas will be provided but your initiative is welcomed to ensure a positive experience for yourself and the students. You will work closely with one class but are always free to visit and interact with students and teachers from other classes. The school library is available for your use in selecting other books to use as well as those provided. The entire school population – in fact the entire village – is ESL. Everyone speaks the tribal language (Ewe) as their first language. The English level is 2 - 3 years behind western standards. Lunch each teaching day will be provided at the school and in the afternoon you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities ranging from trips in an AC van to local markets (30-45 minute drive), motorcycle tours of the area to see the farms the local dam, fetish shrines, cultural drum/dance lessons and cultural discussions. There will also be lots of free time to interact on a personal basis with local villagers. You are also free to form tutoring groups, activity groups of any kind that you wish.
Day 03-06
Teaching 8 am to 2 pm - Lessons and tours in the afternoons.
Day 07
Drive to Keta (about 1 hour) - beach and ruins of old slave fort. Keta is an old colonial town famous for its salt ponds and sandy beaches. This weekend is an opportunity to relax and debrief about your experiences so far. You can lie on the beach, swim or watch the fishermen at work.
Day 08
Visit fetish shrine and learn about the old religions that are still practiced in Ghana. Drumming, dancing and animal sacrifices are at times part of their rituals and can be observed. There are people there who will be able to answer your questions about this traditional religion and their beliefs.
Day 09-13
Teaching 8 am to 2pm - Lessons and tours in the afternoons.
Day 14
Visit Tafe Atome Monkey Sanctuary (approx. 2 ½ hours). The monkeys here are considered sacred and are plentiful. They will often come and eat bananas right from your hand!
Day 15
A day to relax, go on walking tours, play with the kids...unwind.
Day 16-19
Teaching 8 am to 2pm. - Lessons and tours in the afternoons.
Day 20
Drive to Accra (about 2 1/2 hours). Hostel stay, double occupancy. Tour of the city – Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum (Ghana's first president), National Museum, Arts Centre. Shopping if you wish.
Day 21
Enjoy some time at the Accra Labadi Beach, before being dropped off at Katoka International Airport for your homeward bound flight.

Price includes: Airport pickup and drop off, all accommodations, tour guide, tour fees, entry fees, all transportation by AC van, meals and purified water while in Dekpor.  


Does NOT include: Meals outside of Dekpor, other liquid refreshments, international flights

·   Lifetime opportunity to share and learn

·   Make an impact on the lives of African People

·   Interacting with a traditional family in the village

·   Immerse in the culture of Ghana

·   See Elephants in their natural habitat





Short walks and hikes. Not physically demanding. The lifestyle in Dekpor village is very basic, one needs to get use to the basic style of living here.


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