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Ghana Optional Tour:

After a few weeks of volunteering in the village of Dekpor, consider adding a tour of the country's major sites to your Ghana experience. Join us to explore this historic country and Off The Map Sites. From the vibrant city of Accra, its historic slave castle in Cape Coast, to the little known elephant reserve of Mole National Park, Ghana is full of surprises. 

Day 01
Drive to Cape Coast (4 ½ hours). Hotel has swimming pool, double occupancy. Visit Elmina Slave Castle. Cape Coast was one of the earliest areas in Ghana settled by Europeans due to its proximity to the ocean and its beautiful environment. Elmina Slave Castle is one of several fortified compounds built by Europeans to house African slaves before transporting them to the western world. Touring the castle can be an emotional experience for many tourists that makes real the inhumanity man has shown to others. The castle has a great book shop as well. Our hotel in Cape Coast boasts crocodiles in their pond – you can touch them when they come out to sun themselves! There are also hundreds of weaver birds busy in the trees building their nests. This is a truly beautiful place to relax.
Day 02
Drive to Kumasi (5 hours), overnight at Hotel with a swimming pool. Visit Ashanti palace. Kumasi is the capital of the powerful Ashanti kingdom, a major tribe in Ghana. It is a beautiful city and we will visit the old palace of the Ashanti king. A local guide will give you the history of the Ashanti kingdom.
Day 03
Drive to Kintampo (4 hours), overnight at a local hotel. Visit waterfalls. Kintempo has a series of waterfalls, each more beautiful than the next. A trail takes you down into a ravine where you can cool off in the pool at the base of the last falls.
Day 04
Drive to Mole Park animal preserve (4 hours). Stay overnight at local hotel with swimming pool. Mole Park is a large animal preserve in the northern region of Ghana. This park is home to many animals – elephants, baboons, monkeys, a variety of deer, warthogs, and many colourful birds and insects. None of these animals are tame but many are often seen very close to the hotel – some right outside the doors!
Day 05-06
MMole Park walking tour, safari and canoe tour. Visit a local mosque. Stay overnight at a local hotel. The morning walking tour will take you down in the rift valley into the animals’ habitat. A local guide will accompany you, point out all sorts of interesting wildlife and answer your questions. The safari tour will take you by AC van further into the park to see more animals. You will have the opportunity to sit on top of the van for a spectacular view and photo opportunities as well. The canoe tour will take you down a slow moving river through lush rain forest. The flat bottom canoes make you feel that you are sitting right in the water! Larabanga, close by to Mole Park, is home to the most ancient mosque in Ghana. Its actual age is not really known. Built of mud, it has been in continual use for several centuries. Although tourists are not allowed to enter, it is truly a sight worth seeing. Larabanga residents are well known makers of shea butter, which may be purchased at extremely low costs here.
Day 07
Drive to Kumasi (7+ hour drive). Visit Arts Centre. Stay overnight at local hotel with swimming pool. The Kumasi Arts Centre has many artisans working and you may purchase souvenirs at a very reasonable cost (remember to bargain hard for any purchase!). There is also a museum here that may be of interest to the history buffs amongst you.
Day 08
Drive to Accra (4 ½ hours). Stay overnight at local hotel with swimming pool. Shopping. Stop at a bead factory on the way – all kinds of glass are pounded and recycled into beautiful handmade beads for bracelets, necklaces etc. In Accra, shop at various small shops to get the best bargains possible. Typical local handicrafts are wooden carvings and masks, kente and batik cloth and clothing, glass beads- all at incredibly low prices. Shopping here is an adventure in itself!
Day 09
Depending on your flight time – pack then relax with a drink on the beach, shopping. Drop off at Katoka International Airport and departure for home

·   Lifetime opportunity to share and learn

·   Make an impact on the lives of African People

·   Interacting with a traditional family in the village

·   Immerse in the culture of Ghana

·   See Elephants in their natural habitat


Short walks and hikes. Not physically demanding. The lifestyle in Dekpor village is very basic, one needs to get use to the basic style of living here.

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