General Questions

What Is Off the Map Adventures?

At Off The Map Adventures we believe that a trip to your destination has to be more than just ‘being there’. Our team of adventurers works hard to show you beyond the typical sightseeing tours. Soak in the very best of local experiences and venture beyond the limits of an ordinary trip. Using ethical practices and quality industry standards, we promise safe and unforgettable adventures.


What is included in an Off the Map trip?

Each trip is packed with unique local experiences specific to the respective region. While the itinerary differs from trip-to-trip, every tour provides sleeping accommodations as well as at least one meal and activity per day. We recognize the importance of independence while travelling and prioritize providing our travellers with a sense of freedom to make their own decisions whenever possible. 

Check out our destinations page for a better understanding of what’s included in a specific trip. Here you will find a detailed breakdown of each trip option, including thorough day-to-day itineraries.    


Who has gone on Off the Map trips?

Off the Map has executed over [insert number here] over the past [insert number here] years. There is an Off the Map trip for everyone – from teenagers to those in their 70’s!


How early in advance should I sign-up for a trip?

We recommend our travellers register for trips no later than [insert number here] months prior to the respective start date. Registration for a trip closes [insert number here] days before the trip is set to embark on their journey.



Do I need to file an application to qualify for a trip?

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Is there an age requirement for an Off the Map trip?

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Does Off the Map accommodate individuals with medical, developmental, and physical disabilities?

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Do I need health insurance to travel with Off the Map?

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Do I need travel insurance to travel with Off the Map?

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Who do I travel with on my trip?

Each trip is made up of [insert number here] travellers, as well as [insert number here] Off the Map staff member(s).


What are the different types of trips Off the Map offers?

We have divided our trips into four adventure styles – Voyagers, Explorers, Trail Blazers and Ed-Ventures/Voluntours. Each journey is guaranteed to be a hallmark exploration trip filled with exploring local wonders, indulging in local cuisine and taking part in cultural activities. 

For a better understanding of what each adventure style offers, visit our Journey page or check out our blog. 


What sort of physical activity should I expect from an Off the Map trip?

No two Off the Map trips are the same. For trips that are less physically demanding, check out our Voyager journeys. Our Trail Blazer trips are designed for travellers seeking a challenging exploration, such as hiking Kilimanjaro or discovering Machu Picchu.


What are the living arrangements on an Off the Map trip? Will I have to live with strangers?

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What if I get ill or need medical assistance while on an Off the Map trip?

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Can I extend my stay in a destination after my Off the Map trip has ended?

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Can I fly to the destination on my own and meet my group there?

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How do I pack for my trip?

Off the Map Adventures provides all registered travellers with a PDF copy of recommended guidelines to follow throughout their respective trip. This document will include guidance on how to dress depending on the weather and the culture, as well as how to optimize for comfort.


Will staff members accompany us throughout the trip?

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Will a security guard or other security personnel travel with us?

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How does Off the Map prepare their travellers for specific safety concerns?

Off the Map Adventures provides all registered travellers with a PDF copy of recommended guidelines to follow throughout their respective trip. This document will include guidance on social interaction, such as how to handle hagglers in specific regions, as well as certain foods to avoid.



When will Off the Map trips resume?

The uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to secure a specific date in which we can resume our trips. We hope to be travelling together again in 2022 as we visit Israel, Jordan and Egypt through our Holy Lands Adventure.

How is Off the Map making their health and safety decisions?

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If my trip is cancelled due to COVID-19, will I be refunded?

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What payment methods can I pay for my trip with?

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Can I pay for my trip in installments over a period of time?

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When will I be charged for my trip?

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I can no longer go on my trip, how can I get a refund?

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