Ghana, the famous Gold Coast of Africa, is renowned for much more than its mineral treasure. The country is now the second-biggest producer of cocoa in the world. Ghana boasts a long coast of beaches and excellent national parks that are rich in wildlife, such as elephants, dwarf crocodiles, baboons, hippos and many species of bird. There are villages on stilts, modern cities, palaces and museums. Bustling markets display famous Ghanaian wares such as glass beads and the famous hand-woven kente cloth. Ghana’s forest treasures include ebony, mahogany and shea trees. Named “Warrior King” yet Ghana is Africa’s most stable country. It has various famous relics of a mystical and legendary past: fetish shrines, a medieval Moorish mosque, and a mysterious sword in the ground, that must never be removed. Ghana is a slice of Africa, not to be missed!

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